Tuesday, September 8, 2009

sumpah sukaa!

tadi stress, sedih, kesal.
sebab banyak buat salah kat dorg
sorry sgt syg2 ku.
pia akan berubah. itu janji pia.
ok, nak cite benda lain ni.
tadi baca blog aina. sumpah suka oh blog dia.
aina sgt mahir menulis poem2 yg nak touching feeling org oh. benci! hehe.
suka ngn poem yg ni. sumpah tacing baca poem ni.
~credit to nurzatil aina~

100 Roses

that 100 roses,
that i received last night,
has dry.
i cried the whole day,
thinking what would you say.
i wait for you,
to come,
to let you now,
but still,
there's no you,
in front of me.
i keep waiting,
days to weeks,
months to years.
you still didnt come,
and see me.
that 100 roses,
had already gone,
together with you.
i wonder where are you dear,
i ask myself for the answer.
at last i know,
that 100 roses,
is a goodbye gift,
that you give me,
for you to gone forever.

best kan?banyak lagi poem dia yg best. sila lah layari nurzatilainamohdzaki.blogspot oke?
photo aina akan di upload di lain waktu oke. hihi

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